Longi Mirch

Cold Processed Spices for the first time in India

LONGI INDUSTRIES, Bikaner is the leading manufacturing unit of "LONGI MIRCH (CHILLI) POWDER", under the brand name "TIGER". We manufacture "ONE OF THE WORLDS HOTTEST CHILLI POWDER". For the first time in India we have introduced the cold processing method in spices grinding industries, from this we manufacture colorless Longi Mirch Powder. Our industry delivers the best quality spice and carry out chilli processing with efficient and empathetic processing with most modern machineries

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Longi Industry

Longi Industry was established in January 2000 with an obsession for quality. Situated in Bikaner, Rajasthan longi industry is engaged into manufacturing pure and 100% dirt-free, nutritious and strong longi mirch powder, which very few know is the world's spiciest chillie.

Managed by Mr. Shree Prakash Sharma (Director and Founder) A passionate perfectionist whose believes, efforts and leadership had made Tiger brand a HOT favorite among snack manufacturers of India. Longi industry had built a nationwide market for their Tiger brand with the guidance of skilled management having technical knowledge and experience of 20 years in spice industries.

All our products are being tested by SGS Lab, Gurgaon and Gujrat Laboratory, Ahemdabad. (APPROVED BY SOVLVENT EXTRACTION OF INDIA "AGMARK" DIRECTOR Govt. OF INDIA) has confirmed the standard of quality of "TIGER LONGI MIRCH (CHILLI) with respect of PFA Act 1954 & rules 1955.