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Chili Spices Exporters

Chilies are cultivated in almost all the regions of India and are considered to be the heart of Indian spices. Red Chili Powder is the spice that is used for providing taste along with red hot colour to the dish. When hot chili powder is mixed with coconut it gives rich texture to the curry.
As it is rich in vitamin C it is helps in eradication of problems concerning digestion.

Use of Chili Spices: Food Processing Industry: Dry and powdered chilies are extensively used for coloring and flavoring in different cuisines and dishes. It is also used as a major ingredient in different seasonings, pepper and tomato sauce.

Food Coloring:
Red Chili Spice Powder is widely used for natural food coloring.

Chilies are used for controlling aching disorders. It is also a very good source of vitamin C. Adding up extra spice to various o Indian cuisines, Chili Spices is high in demand all across the world. Used in a large number of recipes, in spite of of whether they are of Indian origin, Red Chilly put in a rich taste and taste. Tiger Longi Chili Spices Exporters provide Dry Red Chilli in the form of whole Red Chilly, stemmed or without stem and Red Chilly Powder. Sourced from best manufacturers of the country, Tiger Longi’s Red Chilies have a robust flavor and strong taste. The quantity and packing is according to the customer requirement.

Chili Powder is one of the principal traded spices in the international market. Red Chili Spices Powder is one of the well-liked varieties of the Chilli Powder. Expansively used for food flavoring and coloring, Red Chili Powder also has certain therapeutic properties. Chilies are obtainable in a number of varieties, colors and aromas.

In our country India, the states of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu are the major chili producing places.