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chili spices homemade

  • chili spices homemade
    Tiger Turmeric Powder

    Price INR 1200       5Kg

  • chili spice mix homemade
    Tiger Turmeric Powder

    Price INR 110        500gms

  • chili spice homemade
    Tiger Turmeric Powder

    Price INR 55       200gms

  • chili spice mix
    Tiger Turmeric Powder

    Price INR        100gms

  • chili spice packet
    Tiger Turmeric Powder

    Price INR 7       30gms

Chili Spices Homemade

Chili Spices Homemade is now sold by quite a number of spice companies countrywide. Even though the formulas for each company’s chili powders are closely guarded secrets, researchers have determined that commercially packaged products may contain from one to more than two dozen kinds of powdered chiles, which usually make-up about 80% of the chili powder mix.

It has been for the first time in India that our company has introduced the cold processing technique in chilli grinding industries and the best aspect of our manufacturing procedure is that Longi Industries manufacture color less chili spices homemade powder for best Export quality.

Tiger Longi Chili Spices Homemade take guarantee of delivering the best and top quality of spice and carries out chilli processing with efficient and empathetic processing with most modern and recent machineries and keeps high level filtration procedure to extract the unwanted material like small particles of iron, stone, sand, dust, cotton and pieces of wire. The bad smell of the chilli powder is also removed from the chilli, which is not safe to eat.

The best quality of our products is that they are in high requirement by majority of the snack companies for making of:

Tiger Longi Turmeric Powder Company is highly appreciated:

All Longi Industries products are being tested by SGS Lab, Gurgaon and Gujrat Laboratory, Ahemdabad. (APPROVED BY SOVLENT EXTRACTION OF INDIA "AGMARK" DIRECTOR GOVERNMENT OF INDIA) has confirmed the standard of quality of "TIGER LONGI MIRCH (CHILLI) in respect of PFA Act 1954 & rules 1955.