Hot chilli namkeen

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    Tiger Red Chilli Powder

    Price INR 1200       5Kg

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    Tiger Red Chilli Powder

    Price INR 110        500gms

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    Tiger Red Chilli Powder

    Price INR 55       200gms

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    Tiger Red Chilli Powder

    Price INR        100gms

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    Tiger Red Chilli Powder

    Price INR 7       30gms

Indian spices | Quick Enquiry

Welcome to Tiger longi Industries manufacturing different types of Indian spices. We have the best quality of Indian spices and our technology is very latest inn production, we make use of cold process technique for grinding Indian spices. Cold process maintains the taste and quality of Indian spices for long time.
Indian spices include different types of spices which are grown across Indian subcontinent. Each state of India have different climate where you will find different Indian spices plantation with the climate and temperature. Tiger longi industries is famous for chili powder Indian spices manufacturer and suppliers. Tiger longi Industries specialty is Longi mirch powder Indian spices.
Tiger Longi Industries mainly supplies spicy Indian spices to snacks making industries all over the India. Longi chilli mirch the hot Indian spices is the speciality of Bikaneri Namkeen, papad, namkeen snacks and chips. Longi mirchi of Indian spices we supplies is not red in color due to cold process technique and after mixing with the namkeen and snacks its does not give the red color but it remain spicy.
Indian spices Tiger longi Industries manufacture and supplies:

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  • •  Super Strong Longi Mirch
  • •  Tiger longi mirch powder
  • •  Red chilli powder
  • •  Coriander powder
  • •  Turmeric powder
  • •  Non-veg active chilli
  • •  Amchur powder
  • •  Garam masala powder

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These are the main Indian spices we manufacture. Our Indian spices specialty is that its taste and freshness lasts longer.
We always tries to supplies the best product for our clients and specially the Indian spices which are rich in taste, make it spicy, gives color and healthy to digest. Our cold process technique makes us the best Indian spices suppliers from Bikaner, Rajasthan.
To trade with us or to get the best deals and products call or contact via mail

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Bikaner - 334001 Rajasthan, India
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