Longi Industry

LONGI INDUSTRIES, Bikaner is the leading manufacturing unit of "LONGI MIRCH (CHILLI) POWDER", under the brand name "TIGER". We manufacture "ONE OF THE WORLDS SPICIEST CHILLI POWDER".

For the first time in India we have introduced the cold processing method in chilli grinding industries from this we manufacture color less chilli powder for Export quality. Our industry delivers the best quality spice and carry out chilli processing with efficient and empathetic processing with most modern machineries and maintain high level filteration process to extract the unwanted material like small particals of iron, stone, sand, dust, cotton and pieces of wire. Bad smell in also removed from the chilli, which is not edible.

"TIGER LONGI MIRCH (CHILLI) powder maintains the flavor, fragrance, taste of namkeen and keeps them fresh for longer period. Our products are in high demand by majority of snack companies for making of Bhujiya, Papad, and several types of chips, snacks, ketchups, mixtures and al kind of namkeen products.
All our products are being tested by SGS Lab, Gurgaon and Gujrat Laboratory, Ahemdabad. (APPROVED BY SOVLENT EXTRACTION OF INDIA "AGMARK" DIRECTOR GOVERNMENT OF INDIA) has confirmed the standard of quality of "TIGER LONGI MIRCH (CHILLI) in respect of PFA Act 1954 & rules 1955.


It was in the year 1958 when Late. H.P Sharma happened to arrive in Silchar. Whilst being on a business trip. To far flung areas of north east region of our country. It was there where he came to know about "LONGI MIRCH". A very RARE & very SPECIAL botanical species popularly known to have been cultivated in the peculiar climatic environment of that region. Being a passionate food lover & enthusiast himself, he decided to conduct an experiment on the taste of this wonderful product by using it in a wide variety of cuisines consequently. Assessing & evaluating its HUGE POTENTIAL & UTILITY VALUE for all Namkeen Manufacturers in general & BHUJIYA INDUSTRY of Bikaner in particular.
Having realized the scope & significance of "LONGI MIRCH", stocks of "LONGI MIRCH" were dispatched to Bikaner. All Bhujiya manufacturers were advised to insert this great element too in their material. Well the outcome of this novel experiment was found to be simply thrilling & extremely encouraging as it had imparted an entirely new taste, flavor, color & longer shelf life to Bikaneri Bhujiya which had never ever been so unique prior to the advent of "LONGI MIRCH". This was precisely how and when LONGI MIRCH came to find a place in Guinness Book of World records as one of the hottest chillies of the world and the city of Bikaner came up to acquire the unique distinction of being highlighted on the global arena. Up until mid 90’s the task of grinding of LONGI MIRCH was being considered. As quite demanding and pretty challenging too.
The lobby of LONGI MIRCH users were depending exclusively upon "The conventional measures" Encountering thereby a series of limitations causing "Elemental" and "Compositional" depletion, lack of purity and loss of natural flavor and aroma of the herb. Having been at the helm of this ongoing traditional scenario himself, the Founder and Managing Director of LONGI INDUSTRIES Mr. S.P Sharma came up with all his innovativeness, inventive creativity and sheer wealth of scientifically practical ideas. Only to emerge, after an untiring effort spanned over a constant preoccupation, with something we all over the world know as "COLD PROCESS SPICE GRINDING TECHNOLOGY" Having been invented and Pioneered at LONGI INDUSTRY this technological advancement took everyone by surprise and completely transformed the old orthodox phenomenon of spice grinding in India. Unlike traditional grinding procedure which is marked and characterized by it’s functioning under highly temperate conditions. Cold Process grinding technique on the other hand carries out.
LONGI MIRCH grinding in an environment identical to that of the place of its origin which is cold and humid. This multiple stage exercise is conducted in order to protect the crude from the high temperature hazards. Detrimental to natural elemental composition of the product. All the dust, dirt and sand particles get blown away and the final finished LONGI MIRCH is achieved in its original glory with each and every of its natural attributes e.g. color, flavor, and aroma completely INTACT. Which are packed and stored in the protection of the same environment.


  • •  This is one of the hottest chilli in the world

  • •  It’s a colorless chilli

  • •  Edible and delicious and digests easily

  • •  Keeps namkeen and snacks fresh for longer period.