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    Tiger Red Chilli Powder

    Price INR 1200       5Kg

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    Tiger Red Chilli Powder

    Price INR 110        500gms

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    Tiger Red Chilli Powder

    Price INR 55       200gms

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    Tiger Red Chilli Powder

    Price INR        100gms

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    Tiger Red Chilli Powder

    Price INR 7       30gms

Mirch powder | Quick Enquiry

You can enjoy the taste of real Indian species manufactured and supplied by Tiger Longi Industries. We are the best suppliers of mirch powder in all over Rajasthan. Mirch powder is the main ingredient for any type of food or snacks.
Mirch Powder is appreciated for its supreme taste and hotness ideal for various spicy cooking requirements. Our mirch powder are finely processed and carefully packed following strict compliance with international standards. These mirch powders have fine powdery consistency with great color.

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Features mirch powder we supplies:

  • •  High qualityh
  • •  Excellent consistency
  • •  Great packaging
  • •  Reasonable prices

Mirch powder we manufacture:

  • •  Super strong longi mirch powder
  • •  Tiger longi mirch powder

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These are the mirch powder we supplies and export. Both these products are available in different packaging also and price is also not much? Our specialty of the product is cold processing technique we used in production. That increases the product quality and taste with long life. Many of the famous Bikaner nameek manufacturer uses our tiger longi Mirch powder to give the taste to snacks and spicy to it. Mirch powder that we supplies especially for namkeen manufacturer is not of red color, that’s why namkeen products didn’t get red after adding mirch powder.
Demand for our Strong mirch powder has increased as our production is best than other industries. For trade with us contact us and get the fair deal. Our motive is to provide our clients best quality of product rich in taste and long freshness in it.

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