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    Tiger Red Chilli Powder

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    Tiger Red Chilli Powder

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    Tiger Red Chilli Powder

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    Tiger Red Chilli Powder

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    Tiger Red Chilli Powder

    Price INR 7       30gms

Turmeric powder | Quick Enquiry

Welcome to Tiger Longi Industries the best in species manufacturing and supplying unit in India. The production of our industry includes the cold process technique and we are the first industry to use that technology. This technique firms the product quality and maintains its taste and flavor for long time.

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Indian species is world famous for its taste and spicy. Turmeric powder manufacturer and suppliers from Bikaner, Rajasthan Tiger Longi Industries is producing Indian species from last 13 years. In the short time we become the best Turmeric powder suppliers because of the production technique we use and the product quality maintained for long time.

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Turmeric powder is used in many eatable products to give color to it and somewhat change in taste. Not only in eatable Turmeric powder is also used as medicinal product. Specialty of Turmeric powder we supplied is it remains dry and fresh. Turmeric Powder is known to purify the blood and stimulate bowel movements. Yellow Turmeric Powder is a source of anti-oxidant and possesses anti-inflammatory property. We offer Organic Turmeric Powder that is natural, fresh and free from additives and impurities. We have been offering profitable deals to the clients with our Wholesale Turmeric Powder business. Turmeric Powder single herb used in foods, medicines, cosmetics, dyes, chemicals and toiletries as an active ingredient. Cold process technique used by us is the best in production of Turmeric Powder keep the same quality maintain for long time period.
We always try to give our best in production and provide the finest quality of product. To know more detail contact us.

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